PRE-ORDER FOR AUGUST------------------I'm an X-LARGE EarthMail PackPack of 25 Post Bags. Dimentions: 510 X 435mm  I'll break down within your home compost! Not only that:	I have a stylish matte white finish with black graphics that tell my recipients all about how to handle me!	You can use me with your current courier service or let us suggest a carbon neutral option for you!	I am made from annually renewable resources such as corn.	I’m flat (i.e.. no gusset, but some stretch) with a 30mm flap (not included in the bag sizes) and self-seal strip. 	I behave just like a traditional plastic envelope EXCEPT I'll make like a tree & leave!

Compostable Mailers - PRE-ORDER | EarthMail Pack | X-Large | x 25 pieces