Plastics play a huge role in the lives of consumers. They are an every day and often unavoidable part of the consumption, that goes hadn't-in-hand with modern life.

Keeping track of how often we encounter plastic on a daily basis is a monstrous task. Whether it be the extra and unexpected packaging on a food product or the layers of plastic wrap that come with many retail order. Often unnecessary & excessive packaging has become a normalised part of our consumer lives. With, most of the things we buy having involved layers of packaging in production & wholesale stream, even prior to reaching consumers hands.

So, it’s hardly surprising that the packaging industry is responsible for 40% of plastic pollution in the world and a third of all household waste. A truly horrific statistic!

95% of plastic packaging is discarded after a single use, and it doesn't just fill up our garbage bins and thus our earth through landfill. Plastic waste through packaging is also plaguing our oceans. Globally, more than eight million tonnes of plastic ends up in our oceans every year. This plastic waste is drowning our marine life and destroying one of our earths greatest eco-systems, our oceanic ones.

It is the responsibility of all business's, no matter how big or small, to take note of this and engage in production and business practices that mitigate and reduce this impact. It is in many ways, the challenge of our times.

Unfortunately, the expanding eCommerce industry is one of the biggest culprits of plastic packaging waste. As previously mentioned this is due not only to the use of plastic packaging but to the unfortunate reality of ‘over-packaging.’

We’ve all had the experience of an item arriving and filling up our living room with plastic. With a pre-boxed item is placed in a second box with a large amount of filler, creating excess packaging waste. While often done as a means to protect a product from damage on its journey to consumers, this excessive plastic waste is often a saw point with consumers themselves and cannot be overlooked on either moral or marketing grounds.

At its current rate of expansion, eCommerce will contribute more and more to this issue over time. Global eCommerce sales are forecast to hit $4.9 trillion by 2021, and will account for almost a fifth of all retail sales. If green packaging solutions aren’t adopted, the amount of plastic waste going to landfills & our oceans will increase drastically.

This is only further compacted by the global pandemic of COVID-19. Global lockdowns have seen an even heavier reliance on shipping and online services as a means of accessing goods, and as the world and virus continues to morph. Increased evidence tells us that many business's & consumers have made a permanent shift to the online space.

Luckily development in the bioplastic sector and waste management globally mean that clear solutions are available the work for both business's and consumers. Earth Packaging Co has emerged as an Australian business committed to providing sustainable packaging solutions to fill this exact need in the market.

With a focus on eCommerce with our EarthMail Packs, a home compostable mail satchel alternative to the previously used fossil fuel based plastics. Understanding the need for a sustainable packaging alternative for the eCommerce sector this sustainable mail bag was Brought to the market to help an easy transition for the increasing number of business's who retail online. EarthMail Packs can replace any standard mail satchel that one may already be using and comes in a wide range of sizes to meet the current standards that were up until now being used.

Knowing as well the diverse packaging needs with the eCommerce sector and belong, we al also currently in the process of launching our Bubble EarthMail Packs. Which will provide the extra padding and support needed for those shipping more delicate items.

EarthPackaging has always and will continue to always offer personalised packaging alternatives. Whether that be for a specific food product, fashion item or shipping method. Bioplastic is a diverse material that we are able to mould and brand to meet a variety of needs while still maintaining its compostable features and meeting its certification AS5810.

Please GET IN CONTACT TODAY to let us know hoe we can tailor a packaging alternative to meet your business's specific needs.

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