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How Do I Dispose Of An EarthMail Pack Properly?

To compost them at home, we recommend your customers first remove any labels (like you would when reccyling traditional plastics) cut them up and place in your compost bin. The same as you would any "brown materials" like the sunday paper or sawdust !

These will completely break down within 90-120 days in a home-compostable environment - sometimes even sooner!
Additionally these can also be sent to composting facilities to be properly broken down and composted. Excitingly digestable composting facilities are on the rise in Australia and across the world rigth now which means more local councils will soon be accepting food waste & bioplastic (like EarthMail Packs) in their green waste bins & some will even be turned into biogas and other circular economy items.
You can also ask your local council if they can provide a composting green bin for you if you don't have one already! Finally another great option is to visit to find a local home-composting enthusiast near you!

What Are EarthMail Packs' Made From?

Unlike traditoonal plastic mailers which are made from fossil fuels (ewww)
EarthMail Packs are made from annually renewable materials. The main two of which are corn starch and PBAT (Polybutylene adipate terephthalate). PBAT is a compostable ingredient which bonds the renewable ingredients together.
The certification requiments that EarthMail Packs meedt with both TUV Austria & Australasian Bioplastics Association, require over 50% biological material is used in the production of films that are certified as home compostable. EarthMail Packs are made mainly corn starch and PBAT (Polybutylene adipate terephthalate). PBAT is a compostable ingredient which bonds the renewable ingredients together.

What Are Your Minimums?

Can I Put My Logo/ Branding One An Earth Mail Pack To Customise It?

YES! EarthMail Packs are completly customisable and can be sized or branded to suit your specific needs. Our MOQ for personalised packaging is 10K across all sizes.

CLICK HERE to find out more.

Do You Provide Any Other Packaging Options Outside EarthMail Packs?

We are currently looking to expand our offering o home compostable shipping products so watch this space.

In the mean time we are already creating custom certified home compostable packaging options for out clients. Across a range of products. So GET IN TOUCH, let us know what you need help with and we will try and provide you with a tailored sustainable siolution.

Where Are EarthMail Packs Manufactured?

Our EarthMail Packs are manufactured

What Happens If EarthMail Packs End Up In Landfill?

EarthMail Packs amazingly will still break down in landfill. Unfortunately, like any organic product (ie. food) that ends up in landfill, due to the nature of the landfill process this will still add to methane production. This is why it's so important to help your customers compost our products to take full advantage of the environmental benefits. Our products take about 2 years rather than 90 days to break down in landfill. In contrast, traditional plastic shipping mailers take 400 years or more to break down, and still release deadly methane gas into the atmosphere.

Can I Use EarthMail Packs With Australia Post


EarthMail Packs can easily be used with Australia Post, SENDLE or whichever courier/ delivery service you curretly use.
To make it extra easy we have even made them in the same sizes so you can transition fuss free from the fossil fuel based mail satchels of the past to our home compostable EarthMail Packs. Dratically reducing the plastic waste inserted into the system by the eCommerce sector each day.

What Happens If EarthMail Packs Get Wet

Our EarthMail Packs are water resistant and will keep their contents safe if exposed to rain and the likes that may meet them along their journey.

We recommend that when ordering EarthMail Packs you however keep them in a cool dry place to ensure longevity as if they are placed in water for a long time, they will break down there too. However it takes much longer to break down in water because of the cooler temperatures.

What Is The Difference Between Compostable & Biodegradable?

We have a wehole blog post on this exact topic which you can read HERE. However In short, a biodegradable product simply breaks down into smaller micro-plastics which still contaminate the environment. As you may already know microplastics are a plague on our environment now being found in the tissue of many marine creatures & ebven humans!
Our certified home-compostable EarthMail Packs break down as if they were never there, and can also be safely eaten by worms. Therefore, a compostable product is always more preferable over a biodegradable product.

What Is The Shelf Life Of An EarthMail Pack?

Yes, as our compostable mailers are made from annually renewable ingredients, they have a shelf life of approximately 12 months when kept in cool and dry conditions, out of direct sunlight. For this reason we recommend ordering for a 6 month period of shipments when purchasing mailers. We are also working on many mailer design improvements which will see this life expectancy increase in the future.